Illustrations For Fashion Brand 'Play Filthy' 2020-2021

Shortly after graduating in 2020, I worked  with the London based fashion brand ‘Play filthy’ to create a series of illustrations to market their runway collection to young adults.

Photo 25-02-2021, 15 49 47.jpg

(Above) 'What Goes Around Comes Around' - In this piece I aimed to represent the law of karma in Vedantic Literature. The Fate of an individual being decided by which arrows they choose to shoot from a quiver. Once the arrow is loosed, we cannot call it back. I often use storytelling as a core element within my work to engage the viewer.

Photo 23-02-2021, 11 41 50.jpg

These illustrations took the form of  ‘lowbrow-kitsch’ inspired characters that wore the clothing designed by the in house creative director Cara Jarvis. 

Photo 04-02-2021, 13 12 48.jpg

Each drawing was specifically designed to align with some of the more provocative aesthetics of the clothing. 

Photo 21-03-2021, 12 57 45.jpg

I was able to experiment with various styles while also working to a brief.

Photo 22-01-2021, 21 00 23.jpg